March 06, 2006

Random Link of the Week

As you may or may not know, I maintain a website for Megan and me at However, nobody really goes there regularly, so the stuff I post, minus the "Thoughts" which are my blogs on this site as well, never gets explored.

With that in mind, I think an interesting thing is the Random Link of the week. I have done a number of these over the last few months, some of which you may find interesting. I will continue posting a random link that I find here weekly. Here are the previous links and a short description:

August 22 - 28th: BookCrossing
Have you ever wondered how to get rid of some of the older books on your shelves. Don't have time to take them to the used book store for the pitiful amount you'll get? Release them into the wild! BookCrossing shows you how to set your books free so that others may find them, read them, and set them free again. Track the books you release online! Remember, if you love something, set it free!

October 24 - 30th: Mr. Picassohead
Fun little diversion. Just move the Picassoesque elements around to create your own Picassoesque face! Upload to the gallery. View other people's creations. Ought to waste at least 5 minutes of your time.

October 31 - November 6th: Propaganda Critic
Has six, count 'em, six old propaganda films that you can view. Remember the old school duck and cover film? How about where the revolutionary war hero time travels to save a college campus from those evil radical anti-war organizers? Check 'em out!

November 7 - 13th: The Death Clock
A nice little morbid one for just after Halloween! Have you ever wondered when you might die? Simply input some information into the Death Clock and it will give you the predicted date you can expect to meet your maker.

November 14 - 20th: The White House
Don't be fooled. This is not the official White House site. This is -- a site that skewers and lampoons the current administration. I think it's wickedly funny and sometimes blurs the lines of good taste. The old time posters are really funny.

November 21 - 28th: Smoke Kills
A cute little Shockwave film from Russia on how smoking cigarettes kills. If you are still sensitive about 9/11, be warned that there are images reminiscent of that day in this.

November 28 - December 4th: Microsuck
This site is devoted to the shortcomings of Microsoft. Megan fully agrees, as she's been working Macs for a long time, but we have a MS platform computer at home.

December 5 - 11th: PressDisplay
Displays a number of papers from around the world in graphics that make it look like you are really reading a newspaper. Registration appears to be completely free!

December 12 - 18th: Django Reinhardt
A site devoted to the life and work of the god of guitar jazz, Django Reinhardt! Django was loosely portrayed by Sean Penn in the movie Sweet and Lowdown, and the child of Nana Visitor (Major Kira on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) and Siddig El-Fadil (Dr. Bashir on the same show) is named Django! We're not nerds, we read about it in the paper.

December 19 - 25th: The Forbidden Library
This site keeps tabs on books that have been banned in various localities and states. Nice to see what is considered "dangerous" in our day and age so that you can be sure to run out and read it all!

December 26 - January 1st: Elevator Moods
A cool bit of interactive web. A series of short films set in an elevator!

January 2 - 8th: Monterey Jazz Festival
Probably the best known jazz festival on the planet.

January 9 - 15th: All About Jazz
Nice website with reviews of jazz CDs and previews of new releases.

January 16 - 22nd: Springfield is for Gay Lovers of Marriage
Somehow, even though it has the Fox logo on it, I don't think the Fox network would approve of this "Simpsons" site. Don't worry, it has no overtly sexual content except for the theme.

January 23 - 29th: CounterCurrents
This site from India proclaims "We bring out what the mainstream media fails to tell you, or hides from you. These are the things that really matter. The things which may determine the fate of planet earth! The future of our children! In a word, the survival of the species!" It has some good, provocative articles.

January 30 - February 5th: Declaration of Revocation & The Story Behind It
Allegedly written by John Cleese, this piece of e-mail gives the reasons why Britain is revoking America's independence. There is really a fascinating history behind this piece of spam which has entered inboxes worldwide -- and none of the history actually involves John Cleese!

February 6 - 12th: I Park Like an Idiot
I bet you've always wanted to slap these stickers on someone's car. You know, someone who has made it impossible for you to extricate yourself from a parking spot without a can opener!

February 13 - 19th: Interesting Internet Timeline-Clock
This doesn't do much but present time in a different way.

February 20 - 26th: Interesting Motherf#$%^&s
Despite the name of the page, this website highlights people "whose eccentricity forced them to stray from the path of normal humans and follow their own twisted visions. They are the freaks, the geeks and the cult icons of pop entertainment."

February 27 - March 5th: Senior Dog Project
As the owners of a senior dog, we realize how rewarding and difficult caring for such dogs can be. However, senior dogs, if picked up and put in shelters, will often not get a home. So help make some dog's golden years special.

March 6 - 12th: Meet Tyson, the Skateboarding Bulldog
A skateboarding bulldog? There's wierder things on the Net. I just wish we would have gotten Hannibal into some of this stuff when he was young enough to make us money!


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