June 15, 2007

Off to Meet the New Fam

Today I'm off to meet the new family on my birth mother's side. We were persuaded to go to the reunion in Ohio. I actually feel a little nervous about this. As you know from reading my riveting multi-part series My New Identity Crisis, Parts 1-8 (to reach the first post in that series go here), I never met my birth mother, who died in 1997. However, her two surviving siblings will be at this reunion. I've been told that one of the sisters, Garnett, looks exactly like my birth mother, Ruby. So, for once I've started feeling some emotion.

For their part, the family has welcomed me with open arms, and made a fantastically generous gesture that made it possible for us to attend. This has been more than I ever dreamed would happen when I first embarked on this search.

So, wish me luck. Mayle's, here I come -- I hope you're not disappointed in your prodigal son!

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Blogger Mary B. said...

Good luck, Mike. You are a really nice, intelligent guy, so how could anyone not be proud to have you for a relative?

7:36 AM  
Blogger typingelbow said...

It was so lovely to see you and Megan at the wedding... I only wish we'd had more time to sit down so you could tell the tales of your family reunion. You look happy in the pictures, sweetie.

2:11 PM  
Anonymous Diana Jones said...

Hello Mike,
We are all wondering what your feelings were about meeting all of us? Will there be anymore posted about your feelings etc after meeting all of us at the family reunion? I think it was obvious that we thoroughly enjoyed having you there. Since I havent spoken to you by phone or heard much from you since then I had been checking here to read what you might be thinking about the whole experience.
your 1st cousin,
Diana Jones

11:09 PM  

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