March 07, 2006

Random Picture of the Week Pt. I

Another part of my other site, which nobody sees, is the "Random Picture of the Week." Basically, I share a picture, chosen randomly, from the collection on my computer that is digitized. These pictures may look more, or less, professional (after all, we aren't professional photographers). The subjects may be anything, anybody, any time period. I do not influence the selection, even if I don't particularly like the picture. I accompany each with a short explanation.
Each week, I'll post a different random picture, along with the random link, for your enjoyment, or boredom. This is the first of the series to catch us up to present.

January 2 - 8th

In fall of 2004, we received a visit from Michael Kamerick (Megan's brother) and his wife April Orcutt. We took them on a hike on the 10K trail on Sandia Mountain just outside Albuquerque. In Del Agua Canyon, the aspens were starting to show their fall colors, and April snapped this photo from the overlook at the top of the peak.

January 9 - 15th

This picture is from a "medieval" style wedding in Germany, and includes the bride and groom in front with various guests. Notice Mike and Megan in the back on the left. Unfortunately Norman and Sigi are not together any more, but their wedding was quite a good time!

January 16 - 22nd

What can we say about the Golden Gate. Still one of the, if not THE, most picturesque bridge in the world. This picture was taken by Megan while she was in California for her brother Michael's wedding to April Orcutt in 1991.

January 23 - 29th

This fine specimen of manhood is Mike walking along a beach in Texas. Though the beach is most likely on Galveston Island, it could also be at Port Aransas. Megan, after spending much time at her parents' in Florida, was underwhelmed by the brown sand. Mike likes the ocean but is used to the small cove beaches and the dramatic cliffs of the Northern California coast. Both of us were disturbed that Texans simply drive their huge trucks and SUVs right onto the beach, which to us mars the scenery and the beauty that is a beach. But to each his/her own. Posted by Picasa


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