June 20, 2007

Mayles, meet the Mayles, we're a West Virginia family...

I know all of you have been on pins and needles, getting ready for this post. The first meeting between me and the new family I have found. Would there be fireworks? Would I be greeted like a prodigal son? Or would I be cast out in shame?

I'm really hamming this up for effect. Actually, the reception was more of the former than the latter, save for the fact that I am really not the prodigal son, and no shame was involved.

Megan made quite an impression - maybe even bigger than me. She won three contests at the family reunion, and $50. After the third time, they were asking why I brought her! But they really liked her.

I have attached the slideshow below to give you the flavor of the weekend:

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Blogger Mary B. said...

That's a really big family. They seem quite likeable. :) I had fun seeing you and Megan this weekend. You guys are great dancers! :)

11:41 AM  

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