March 07, 2006

Random Picture of the Week Pt. III

February 27 - March 5th

It's impossible to remember all the names in this photo, taken probably in the early 1990s. The folks in the picture are mostly ex-Jesuit Volunteer Corps people who we hung out with, some more than others, when we lived in Milwaukee. Lower row is Felicia, her now husband Harold, Joe and unknown. The only persons in the top row whose names I remember are top left: Trish and Tori.

March 6 - 12th

These two handsome guys are Matt Simonette and Jim Chilsen. Both were Megan's colleagues at Marquette's Journalism School. Matt went on to New York University and received a Masters in Film. He currently works for a publication in Chicago. Jim lives in Evanston, Illinois, is married with two children, and works for the Citizens Utility Board in Chicago -- an advocacy organization. This picture was taken in 1995.

Do you want to see the Random Pictures from last year? Go to my Flickr page to see the archive from July - December of last year. Posted by Picasa


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