May 05, 2006

Be an Environmentalist AND Have a Good Time

I was perusing Dave Barry's blog the other day. Dave Barry, as you know, is a columnist for the Miami Herald, and I was at his blog for my weekly dose of his comments on the TV show 24; he's a fan and like the rest of us who watch the show, is amused by the action, the plot twists, the huge gaping holes in the plot, and Chloe the super computer tech geek character. His comments are often hilarious.

He also has other humorous pictures, sites and other things that readers send in to him. I particularly like the "Productivity Enhancers" section, which is full of little games and other diversions to keep you from working.

One section caught my eye, however. It is entitled "Unfit for the Office Unless You Work for the Osbournes." As I perused the entries, I came across a heading entitled "Norwegians Saving the Rainforest: Now We are Suddenly More Interested in the Environment." (*Warning: do not click if you are offended by nudity!) It piqued my interest. I clicked on it, and was welcomed into a whole new world!

If you didn't already click the link, let me explain. The link led to a story about a concert in Norway by a band. I won't name the band, save to say that their name is usually the final scene in a straight porn film. They were performing a show, and a young couple walked on stage and asked "What are you willing to do for the environment?" They then stripped, and began having sex on stage while the band played accompanying music. While they were performing this act, a banner was unfurled saying that they were having sex to save the rainforest. When finished, they walked off, to applause by the concertgoers.

It turns out that these two were from a Norwegian non-profit group called F^&k for Forest (FFF). (Warning: once again, do not click if you are offended by nudity and sexual themes) They actually have a website, and on the website they explain how they are young people who love sex and love the environment. They believe that sexual freedom is natural and good, but various interests have turned it either into something dirty or something to exploit. Thus, their goal is to redirect the exploitative efforts of the porn industry AND to channel people's natural desire for things sexual into something positive for the environment. A hilarious thing about this group is that they actually got start-up money from the Norwegian government, who only knew that they were working on an alternative to save the rainforest. Since then, they have conducted what they call "eco/love terrorism," and offer a pay site for those who want to get their jollies for a good cause. Subscribers to their site, who pay $15 a month (They claim $12 of that goes to saving rainforest), get access to porn photos and movies starring members of FFF or models that they have hired. Megan and I laughed at one video clip, where a young Scandinavian woman with a head of multi-colored hair described how she was going to use a particular sexual aid on herself and said in Scandinavian-tinged English "The more I do this, the more money goes to saving the rainforest!"

Wow, what a groundbreaking activity! The possibilities are endless! I had already seen another website some months earlier, where a group was trying to use sex to get out the American vote...basically you signed up and pledged to have sex with someone who voted (but only if you voted yourself). We could help a whole range of other social issues with this approach. How about F&*k for the Homeless? Or Immorality for Immigrant Rights? Or Porn for Puppies? I can even envision Sex for Sexual Equality. It doesn't have to be the lefties leading the way either. Conservatives could jump on the bandwagon -- Orgies against Abortion, Groping for Gun Rights, F*&king for Family get the picture!

It heartens me that young people are leading the way on this issue, especially young and beautiful Norwegians. Unfortunately, FFF has run up against some barriers. It seems that they have been fully prepared to donate the $100,000 they've raised to organizations that save the rainforest, but those organizations are refusing the money due to the controversial and perhaps less than legal ways FFF is raising money (sex on a public stage is illegal in Norway). However, they are working around this problem, and have started their own projects in Costa Rica and Brazil. I can't imagine what peasant farmers burning the rainforest will think when some blonde Norwegian god and goddess walks up to them -- "Hello, we are from F^&k for Forest, and you must stop killing the rainforest or we will have sex right here. Don't make us do it!" Will the peasants stop, or simply sit down and watch the show and continue burning afterward?

All I know is that in the wide, wacky world of the Internet, anything is possible -- at least I truly believe that now. And I really wish these kids luck -- if they are having fun and are of age and consenting, it's their business and not mine how they try to make this world a better place. That being said, I don't plan to subscribe. I'll just send my money straight to the Rainforest Action Network and head to our local Castle Superstore for the finest in adult action (just kidding!!!! About the adult store, that is! No, really!).


Blogger Mary B. said...

This is strange and amusing, for sure. F**ing for Forests had just just added a new level to my weirdness meter. (That's my measuring tool that I whip out when I need to get perspective in my own life. Feel weird? Compared with FFF, my life is pretty ho-hum.) Here's one for the what's next list...STDs for the Humpback Whales! :)

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