March 09, 2008

Help us name our new friend!

Megan met "Erica" at a groundbreaking for a big solar panel manufacturing plant at Mesa del Sol. Mesa del Sol (Mesa of the Sun) is a big development here in Albuquerque. "Erica" was there because at 3 years old she had recently been turned into the city animal shelter and was considered very adoptable. The mayor of Albuquerque mandates that a shelter animal show up at his press events in order to publicize the plight of shelter animals and encourage adoptions Megan liked her from first sight. I showed up because Megan had gotten a flat tire on the way. I liked her too. Because we agreed to adopt her at the event, the mayor waived all the fees, which included her spay surgery, vaccinations and microchipping.

Here's our problem. Megan doesn't feel that "Erica" fits her. We are searching for a new name, and hope that you will weigh in. Based on the pix below, does she look like an "Erica?" Or does she need another name? We were thinking something that refers to the sun, given her coloring and the fact that we met her at Mesa del Sol.

Here's our options - you can add one if you like:

Erica (name stays the same) - I think that it could be a female version of Eric the Red, which would fit.

Surya (pronounced Sur-ee-yah), the chief solar deity in Hinduism. We've seen the deity referred to as both male and female.

Fiona - Megan just likes the name - means "fair," "white," "beautiful."

Brigid - associated with sacred flames, or the Celtic sun goddess.

Soleil - pronounced so-lay. French, meaning sun.

Foxy Brown - well, she does look like a fox a bit!

Any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated! If you think of a name, by all means suggest it. Comment away, the forum's open!


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Anonymous Fritz said...

I like Foxy Brown

7:14 AM  
Blogger Mary B. said...

She's darling, Mike and Megan! I like the sun theme. Why not, "Sunny?" That seems to be her disposition. :) There's a Japanese sun goddess called Amaterasu, but that's a pretty big mouthful. Maybe "Ama?" You guys pick such lovely dogs. Be sure to post her new name! (It's sort of like naming the Child-like Empress...)

8:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mom has a suggestion.

She likes the name Goldie. (that was the name of the beautiful golden pony that Aunt Anna said she would give to me... but when we called her to have her trailered home... Aunt Anna changed her mind and broke my heart. )

Anyhow... I'm still not sure about a name... I'd settle on something like... Doggerina... or perhaps Boondogglette?

~ Pauline

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Graciepoo said...

Congratulations!! She is such a cute dog! the curly tail and foxy-red look remind me of the Japanese dog breed Shiba Inu...Yeah, "Erica" is an unusual name for a dog. If you are concerned for her learning a new name, howabout "Ricka" for short? (I looked it up and it's from the name "Ulrica," meaning "power of the wolf; power of the home.")

I also really like your idea of "Surya" and "Soleil"...she does look sunny. She has a great smile.
You will have a lot of fun together!

6:19 PM  
Blogger Leslie Monthan said...

I'm partial to Celtic and Sanskrit names, myself, but I do think Soleil suits her: she looks like she has a bit of the acrobatic in her, as in Cirque du Soleil.

My cat, who has similar coloring, is named Finian, from the same root as Fiona. It suits him perfectly; he had also been saddled with a name by the shelter that didn't fit at all: Cameron. Maybe those people watch too many soap operas...

12:26 PM  

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